Taken Out Of Your Character…

Taken Out Of Your Character…
I hate to allow people to take me out of my character because you allow them to have control over you that only you should have. Today, I had to deal with this very situation and at this moment I feel horrible because I know my wrongdoings, but was aware of her wrongdoings, as well. This woman threatened me for no reason because I was backing out of the gas station, under supervision of her husband with her car parked behind me in a inconvenient way. This woman chose to park behind me when another car was in front of me waiting for the pump. It was really uncaused for, I couldn’t believe that I was in this confrontation that I wasn’t really trying to be in. I didnt want to call this woman out of her name, because one, this woman was my elder and two I didnt want to go there with her. However, I was feeling conflicted because I really wanted to get out of my car and punch her ass but I knew all of this was wrong to begin with. Now, I have this really bad conscience because of my actions or lack thereof. The moral of the story, I should have not allowed her to take me out of character and I now know that I will not act on every word said to me because the stress is not worth it for me. I know that I am not one for drama and I can’t allow people to rouse me up, I have a weakness for allowing people to get to me in the worse way. Damn, my mind is clouded by this situation because of what could have taken place, I just chose to drive away and avoid the fight but I still argued with this ignorant woman. Learning to never allow myself to get out of character, picking and choosing my battles…That is what makes me a Grown Woman…


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