Sometimes You Just Need Rest

Feelings of weariness doesn’t necessarily mean only your body feels tired, it could be that your mind and heart could be tired. There are so many things going on around and amongst us that it can take an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical toll on us. When this occurs we just need rest, we need to rest our mind and body too. However, sometimes resting your mind, benefits you more because we think resting our body is enough but the mind continues to be preoccupied with unwanted thoughts. How can you rest when the mind is on overload, thoughts continually racing and hour after hour is passing you by? Sometimes your mind needs rest and needs a moment of silence to just process life for what it is. Your mind can become so preoccupied with thoughts that you have wasted a whole night of sleep, finally waking up after an hr or two of sleep, feeling tired than when you layed down. There has been many of days when I was away at school and I just layed in my bed, staring at the ceiling with a million and one thoughts hitting me from every angle. My mind was weary, I needed rest physically,  mentally and spiritually but I was restless and super agitated I missed out on much needed rest. It is important to not allow these thoughts to consume you, you have to try and ease your mind the best way you know how. Pray, meditate, write, hell a glass of wine always works but seriously your body is not the only thing that gets tired and can shut down. The mind is a powerful thing that can make or break you, but the end result is up to you…


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