Feeling Stuck

Imagine being stuck on an elevator for hours, no way out, just waiting to be rescued. There’s no movement, your stagnant and all your mind does is race. You have thoughts about how long your going to be there, how much time your wasting, what you could be doing in that moment but none of that matters because your stuck at that moment and just waiting for a change…A Way Out. No one wants to feel stuck and trapped in one place, life is about growth and movement. That is why time moves and waits for no man…That is why the elderly hates to just sit in the house because fear of not being mobile. Funny thing is you can have periods in life where you feel stuck on the same level and nothing seems to be moving but time and you feel it’s passing you by. You start to feel frustration and feelings of worry because you are just waiting for a change, some way, some how. You start to get impatient and as a result you become ungrateful for where you are in life because you feel you should be there, but God said you should be here. I know i am struggling with this issue as we speak because I feel that I should have a better job, I should have this, I should have that but the reality is I’m going through this phase because we all have to go through and pass a course in life, so that we dont have to repeat it. It’s so hard to just accept being in a place where you don’t want to be, but you feel like you can’t move. You just freak out because you don’t know how long your going to be in that one place, while everything else around you is still moving….But the reality is you can’t be there for long.


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