Taking advice…From The Wise

Topic of the Day…I am naturally a person who seeks advice and guidance, I try to take heed to everything I am told. However, all advice ain’t good advice, you have to decipher between the real and the bullshit. Sometimes, you may have to learn a lesson or two before you take advice from the unwise. It’s important to understand that everybody doesn’t have your best interest at heart, so the information given won’t always be to help you, but to hurt you. You have to sometimes ask yourself, is this the best advice for me or for them. It won’t always be an easy question to answer because the advisor could be a close friend or loved one and you might not feel comfortable questioning their motives. However, it’s reality, we live in a dog eat dog world, an every man for himself world, where it’s best to look out for self. Now, I would advise you to seek wisdom, you will know when you see wisdom because it doesn’t normally look like you. It’s usually someone who is older, someone who is been through some thangs(yea, no typo)but you will never know it by just looking at them, it’s all in their conversation, their words. Those are the people I seek advice from because they only want to share their story and help someone else. They know God, so they’re a living testimony…Their wisdom exceeds any information you can learn from any book….Now that’s wisdom that we all need. So I suggest you find you some WISDOM.


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