Why Me…

Sometimes I have to sit back and think…Why Me? Not to question God’s plan for my life, but to question the pain I feel, the struggle I endure and the wounds that won’t seem to heal. My questioning seems to meet its peak when I am forced to see the lives of others around me with the ever so growing world of social media. A place where you can be who you want to be and not show who you really are. No one really has to know who you are because you have control over what you show the world. No one has to see the pain, if you don’t want them to, no one has to see the struggle, if you dont want them to. So you can portray this persona that you always wanted but wasn’t so attainable before Facebook. Even though you may be in conflict with who you are and the things you don’t like about self, no one ever has to know. Social media also has the ability to build and break confidence because again you question, why you didn’t get many likes when you posed that photo with your best pose and your best smile. You took a thousand selfies just to share the best one, well you thought. It’s like your self worth lies in the hands of others and a simple like button. You look around and say to yourself, why didn’t I get as many likes as her, you go into WHY ME mode. Why don’t I have a good job like her, why am I not on vacation, why don’t I have as many friends as her, Why, Why,Why…You can be in WHY ME mode so much that you forget to count your blessings, time passes you by and you become more and more unfocused on your goals and dreams focusing on the lives of others. However, the fact still remains that someone appears to have more than me and it doesn’t ease the pain knowing your peers “seem” to be exceeding from the look of a photo or stat, but then you have to remember, “YOU HAVE THE CONTROL TO SHOW WHATEVER YOU WANT THE WORLD TO SEE””. Its just that simple with social media, but we as humans complicate things when we start to compare and contrast, like and dislike our lives on a glimpse of others lives via social media. The reality is someone might look at your life and question, WHY ME…It’s important to know that everyone’s timing is different, some people’s time come sooner than others, but it is good to know your time is coming sooner than later.  There will be a time when you won’t have to pretend, you wont have to say a word because your glow will shine bright like a diamond….It will simply speak for itself.


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